Resources for Faculty Searches

Be aware that most fields have resources such as: listservs, email groups, etc. which can help you identify or reach qualified women and minority candidates. Either seek these out on your own, or request assistance from in identifying them. Some fairly broad listings are included below:

How to Conduct an Effective Search

  • “Faculty Search Committee Guidelines.” Case Western Reserve University. 

Directories of Potential Candidates

The WISE Directories-  Publishes free annual listings of women and minority Ph.D. recipients.

The Minority and Women Doctoral DirectoryA registry which maintains up-to-date information on employment candidates who have recently received, or are soon to receive, a Doctoral or Master's degree in their respective field from one of approximately two hundred major research universities in the United States. The current edition of the directory lists approximately 4,500 Black, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian American, and women graduate students in nearly 80 fields in the sciences, engineering, the social sciences and the humanities.” 

Academic Year 2008-2009 National Science Foundation Survey of Earned DoctoratesWhile it does not list individual doctorate recipients, it is a good resource for determining how big the pool of new women and minority scholars will be in various fields. 

Ford Foundation Fellows- An on-line directory of minority Ph.D.s in all fields, administered by the National Research Council (NRC). The directory contains information on Ford Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship recipients awarded since 1980 and Ford Foundation Predoctoral and Dissertation fellowship recipients awarded since 1986. This database does not include Ford Fellows whose fellowships were administered by an institution or agency other than the NRC. 

Mellon Minority Undergraduate Fellowship Program-  Provides an on-line list of minority Ph.D.s and their dissertation, book and article titles in all fields. 

The Faculty for The Future Project-  is dedicated to providing career and self-development information to all minorities, specifically African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and women. It maintains a large database of available jobs, candidate resumes and information on workplace diversity. 

IMDiversity - is administered by WEPAN (The Women in Engineering Program and Advocates Network), and offers a free forum for students to post resumes and search for positions and for employers to post positions and search for candidates. The website focuses on linking women and underrepresented minority candidates from engineering, science, and business with faculty and research positions at universities.

Society of Women EngineersMaintains an online career fair. 

Committee on the Status of Women in Physics (CSWP)Is widely used by prospective employers to identify women and minority physicists for job openings.