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Shalley Kudalkar

Associate Research Scientist

Contact Information

Shalley Kudalkar



I was born and brought up in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. After high school I decided to pursue a degree in veterinary sciences, graduating in 2003 from DGCN College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, HP, India with a Bachelors degree. I established an animal clinic in Mumbai after graduation, and successfully operated it till 2007 when I decided to pursue a Ph.D.

I came to the United States of America in 2007 to work towards a doctoral degree at Auburn University, AL. After the successful completion of coursework, I began my doctoral research in the lab of Dr. Douglas C. Goodwin, focusing on the structure and function of bifunctional heme enzyme, Catalase-peroxidases (KatG).

Following the completion of my Ph.D. in 2012, I joined Dr. Marnett’s group at Vanderbilt University as a research fellow. My research here investigated the structural and functional basis of substrate selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2).

In 2015, I joined Dr. Karen Anderson'r group as a postdoctoral associate at Yale School of Medicine. My research involves structural and pharamacokinetic analysis of new non-nuceloside reverse transcriptase HIV-1 inhibitors.

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