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Andreea Popa, FACMG

Associate Research Scientist; Assistant Director DNA Diagnostics Laboratory, Clinical Genetics


ABMGG certified Clinical Molecular Geneticist, physician scientist by training, with broad clinical, research and molecular diagnostics experience. I am interested in serving patient care, by applying the advances in molecular genetics diagnostics and screening, toward an enhanced personalized health approach.

NYS CoQ in Genetic Testing (Molecular) and in Oncology (Molecular and Cellular Tumor Markers). Extensive experience with exome analysis for inherited disorders and for tumor molecular profiling. Interested in translating the knowledge and discoveries made in the basic sciences into medical practice, to improve human health.

Education & Training

    Clinical Molecular Genetics, Virginia Commonwealth University (2017)
  • PhD
    University of Kentucky
  • MD
    University of Medicine of Iasi, Romania

Departments & Organizations