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Yale Limb Restoration and Lengthening Program

Program Overview

The Yale Limb Restoration and Lengthening Program (YLRLP) focuses on the restoration of limb function in patients with complex limb challenges. Our patients receive a high level of coordinated care to provide them with the best opportunity for successful orthoplastic limb reconstruction.

Our patients have limb differences that fall into general categories:

Congenital: differences in the development of the limb.

Traumatic: severe injuries to the limb may result in loss of bone or soft tissue. This also includes some fractures that have not healed (nonunions).

Infectious: an infection of the limb can result in poor development, bone or soft tissue loss, or joint stiffness. This also includes infected implants and infection fractures.

Neurologic: some brain and spinal cord conditions can result in joint stiffness (contracture), which can interfere with function.

Oncologic: treatment of a tumor, whether benign or cancerous, may require complicated reconstruction to maximize the function of a limb.

Cosmetic: height surgery for individuals that wish to be taller.

Our program's expertise spans the lifespan from infancy through late adulthood, and prenatal consultation is also available.

Academic Opportunities

There are significant research opportunities generated by the program, including both clinical outcomes and population-based research. Trainees are welcomed in these academic endeavors. Fellows with the Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship also work closely with this program to gain specialized training.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff