About Us

The Ombuds Office is a Neutral, Safe, and Confidential Place where persons can bring issues with which they are concerned. The Ombudsperson at Yale Medical School has several mandates:

  • To serve as a NEUTRAL complaint-handler who attempts to insure that people in the Yale Medical School community are treated fairly and equitably. Any matter in the Yale Medical School Community may be discussed with the Ombudsperson. Discussions are not limited in scope and all are held in strict confidence.
  • The Ombudsperson has broad powers of INQUIRY to resolve conflicts and solve problems through mediation, informal third-party intervention and shuttle diplomacy. Although possessing no formal decision-making authority, the Ombudsperson can refer matters to the proper person or office.
  • Where appropriate, the Ombudsperson can assist in NEGOTIATION or in other aspects of problem solving.
  • The Ombudsperson provides A SAFE FORUM to voice concerns and to provide a locus for the discussion of troublesome matters in the Yale Medical School Community. The Office can help organize a plan of action and develop options appropriate to the particular issue involved. The Ombudsperson’s Office supplements, but does not replace, the existing resources for conflict resolution and fair practice available at the Yale Medical School. The Ombudsperson will discuss, on an individual basis, various options. Discussions with the Ombudsperson are off-the-record and informal, and do not constitute formal notice to the School or University. The Ombudsperson follows no prescribed sequence of steps and does not participate in any formal grievance process.
  • The Ombudsperson’s Office is INDEPENDENT of existing administrative or academic structures.
  • Contact us confidentially: (203) 737-4100