Working as a Team

Living in Manhattan, my husband and I had been evaluated by one of the city's top specialists. Yet two years into treatment, with no diagnosis of anything "wrong," we were desperate to find an answer to our infertility, and were discouraged and exhausted by month after month of failed fertility treatments.

When we read about the Yale Fertility Center in Westport, we were immediately impressed with the staff's resumé and credentials, and upon our first visit, we knew that the practice was right for us. From the beginning, it was evident that the staff was empathetic, available, and knowledgeable, and that they took a holistic team approach to our care.

What we would learn is that when you become a patient in this practice, you become part of that team-- we were consulted and informed about every part of our treatment plan. We also liked the fact that our doctors and nurses were part of the staff at Yale, a teaching hospital, where there is strong collaboration among peers, and where challenging cases are discussed, and solutions brainstormed.

This would prove key to solving the problem of our infertility. Although I had never had symptoms of endometriosis, Dr. Martin's instincts led to me having laparoscopic surgery, where endometriosis was found and removed. I was pregnant two months later.

We have been awed by the level of care we have received, and feel so lucky to have found this practice!

CQE, Greenwich Village, New York

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