Sperm Laboratory

Dr. Gabor Huszar, MD

Dr Gabor Huszar, MD, Director of the Male Fertility Program and the Sperm Physiology Laboratory

The Sperm Physiology Laboratory and Male Fertility Program at the Yale Fertility Center have a national and international reputation for laboratory excellence, inventiveness and quality of outstanding research. With the leadership of Gabor Huszar, M.D., Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Sperm Physiology Laboratory, Yale offers the most sophisticated, computer assisted semen analysis, anti-sperm antibody testing and evaluation of sperm shape and morphology. In addition, the Lab offers the sperm migration test, which provides an assessment of the proportion of sperm which compete for fertilization. This test also provides information on the maintenance and efficiency of sperm motility.

Sperm-hyaluronic acid binding test, which was developed by Dr Huszar at Yale, provides a measure of sperm fertility, based on a protein which is present only in fertile sperm. This test is useful in the diagnosis of unexplained male infertility, a problem comprised of diminished fertility in men with normal seminal sperm concentration and motility. Conversely, the test also identifies men who are fertile, in spite of low motile sperm concentrations in their semen

The HA binding test allows an embryologist who is performing ICSI to select sperm with a low incidence of chromosomal aberrations and high DNA integrity. This method helps the development of the new embryo, and reduces early miscarriage rates. This sperm selection method helps to avoid the ICSI use of sperm selected by visual inspection by the embryologist who may choose an under-developed sperm.

The hyaluronic acid sperm selection method represents a major breakthrough in ICSI sperm selection, and it was shown to be safe and efficient. The HA selection method is now used in infertility centers all over the world.

Each analysis report is individually evaluated by Dr Huszar. Each report is accompanied with an explanation of the results and potential treatment suggestions. Also, referring physicians and patients can call with questions regarding testing.

Dr. Huszar discusses the results of all testing with your IVF physicians. Also, Dr. Huszar is present at the IVF team meetings where the couples IVF treatment plans are discussed.

  1. When your referring physician orders a semen analysis, please make sure that you have a written referral which describes exactly the type of test recommended.
  2. Please call the Sperm Physiology Laboratory (203-764-6484) to make the appointment.
  3. If you are not presently a patient at Yale, please call the toll-free number the Lab will give you, in order to register as a Yale Fertility Center patient.
  4. The Lab personnel will explain to you that we would like you to observe two days of abstinence. This means that if you have the test scheduled for Wednesday, you will ejaculate Sunday, but not later. Two days of abstinence is ideal as a longer period of abstinence can significantly reduce sperm motility.
  5. We have the most advanced technology in semen assessment, but it does not help if we don’t get the best semen sample possible. For this reason, we suggest that you make the sample here in the Center. Some patients prefer to send us a “home produced” sample. We accept your request the first time, but if we find any aspect of semen problem, we will ask you to produce a new sample at the Center. The “home produced” sample is subject of delays, temperature fluctuations, and contaminations of female body fluids that may adversely affect the sperm motility and longevity of sperm viability. Once we performed the analysis, we send the results to your Doctor within a few days.

Sperm Physiology Laboratory

The Sperm Physiology Laboratory offers several services.

Hyaluronic acid mediated sperm selection (HA Binding). Each of the selected spermatozoa are stained green with acridiine orange, indicating high DNA integrity. The HA binding assay reflects sperm development and fertilizing potential in the semen sample.