Egg Donation for the Donor

What is Egg Donation?

Becoming an egg donor means that you are giving another individual the opportunity to achieve pregnancy, experience parenthood, and realize the dream of building a family. Egg donation can be the answer for women who have unsuccessfully tried other infertility procedures or for women who were born without ovaries, whose ovaries have been removed, or whose ovaries may have been damaged by radiation or chemotherapy. Egg donation can also help same sex male couples achieve parenthood.

Egg donors may be anonymous or they may be known. Anonymous egg donors are recruited from local communities. They are carefully screened and their identities remain anonymous throughout the entire donation process. Known egg donor may be a relative or friend of the recipient. The screening requirements for anonymous and known donors are the same.

What is the Egg Donation Process?

Once a woman has been accepted as an egg donor, and is matched with a recipient, she will use a series of fertility medications (which must be injected) to stimulate her ovaries to produce many eggs at one time. While using the medications, egg donor will be monitored (blood tests and ultrasounds) several times. When the eggs have developed to the appropriate size they will be removed using a needle and ultrasound probe. This procedure is performed in our state of the art laboratory. All eggs once retrieved from the egg donor will then belong to the recipient.

Are Egg Donors Compensated?

Anonymous egg donors are compensated for their time and kindness.

Are You an Egg Donor Candidate?

If you are a healthy woman between the ages of 21 and 30 and are willing to undergo a screening process (which includes a thorough physical examination by our dedicated fertility specialist, psychological assessment by our program counselor, and extensive genetic and infectious disease screening), please complete our online screening questionnaire. If you have further questions about becoming a donor of if you would prefer to have the screening form mailed to you please contact Joanne Williams, RN at: 203-764-6477.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Egg Donor Screening Form
If you are interested in egg donation at the Yale Fertility Center please fill out the Donor Questionnaire.
Joanne Williams, RN

For more information, please contact:

Joanne Williams, 3rd Party Coordinator
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