Yale Free Fertility Consultation

The Yale Fertility Center provides a comprehensive array of services to help you realize your goal of starting a family. For many seeing a fertility specialist can be a difficult time in their lives.

At Yale Fertility, we want you to have as stress-free a journey as possible. Therefore, we are providing you a unique opportunity to have a free telephone consultation (lasting 15 minutes) with one of our board-certified physicians. During this consultation, one of our physicians will be happy to discuss with you, what to expect from our state-of-the art facility and any general questions you may have to eliminate any anxieties and fears regarding fertility work-up and treatment.

We are here to make first breaths, first smiles and first steps possible for you. Let us help you to make this happen…

Our free fertility consultations are available to all CT, MA, NH and RI residents.

The Yale Free Fertility Consultation hours of operation are:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 11:00am – 12:00pm (noon)

To make an appointment during the above times, please call (203) 341-8899 (Mon-Fri)

During the free fertility consult any information obtained will be only informative and will not pertain to your personal diagnosis or treatment of fertility.