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  1. There are many hurdles to overcome to have a normal pregnancy.
  2. Possibly the most difficult step of all is the attachment (implantation) of the embryo to the uterine lining—also called the endometrium.
  3. Abnormalities in the process of implantation are believed to be the basis of many cases of unexplained infertility in women.

There are many ways that the EFT® test can help you determine how best to deal with potential barriers to pregnancy.

  1. A normal and healthy endometrium will make many different substances (markers) which promote implantation.
  2. By measuring several of these markers in endometrial biopsies, researchers at Yale University have developed a new test—the Endometrial Function Test® (EFT®)—which can determine if your endometrium is receptive to implantation.
  3. If the EFT® is abnormal, your physician may be able to improve the receptivity of your endometrium by intervening with one or more medical, surgical and/or lifestyle changes which can maximize your chances of becoming a parent.

Article for Patients: The Soil Test for Your Endometrium: the Endometrial Function Test® (EFT®)

From the introduction: A healthy pregnancy is like a successful garden. The successful garden starts with healthy plants and a nutrient rich soil. Likewise, the healthy pregnancy depends on a quality embryo and a normal endometrium. Just as gardeners have always been able to test their soil to optimize plant growth, patients can now have their endometrium tested with the Endometrial Function Test® (EFT®). This patented test can optimize a patient's chances of having a successful pregnancy by using molecular markers to assess the endometrium's potential to support implantation and its ability to contribute to the nutrition of the developing embryo.

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