Program Information


The overall mission of the MFM Fellowship Training Program at Yale is to train leaders in perinatal health. Specifically, we aim to recruit the most promising Ob/Gyn residency graduates from around the United States, to educate and train them over a period of 3 years with a view to ensuring that each fellow graduates as a highly competent MFM practitioner, and to prepare them for future careers in academic medicine, research, and/or community-based practice. We strive to achieve these objectives within the context of a secure and nurturing learning environment that promotes excellence in prenatal diagnosis, perinatal ultrasonography, obstetric surgical training, critical care obstetrics, and inpatient and outpatient obstetric management. To meet these objectives, we expect our MFM fellows to:

  • Provide comprehensive and compassionate treatment to all women and families presenting for care.
  • Acquire superior surgical skills and develop the knowledge base to understand the indications for and complications of individual surgical procedures.
  • Acquire competency in managing normal and complicated obstetric patients before, during, and after delivery. 
  • Develop the judgment required to serve as a consultant to generalist Ob/Gyn practitioners. 
  • Acquire the requisite skills in prenatal diagnosis and perinatal ultrasound to diagnose and counsel couples at risk.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental areas of MFM as laid out in the Guide to Learning in Maternal-Fetal Medicine. The program utilizes a combination of didactic lectures, chapter reviews, journal clubs, case conferences, and research conferences to achieve this objective.


The Yale-New Haven Hospital Maternal-Fetal Medicine fellowship program is academically oriented, with formal conferences, chapter reviews and lectures, as well as informal rounds. Half of the fellowship is devoted to clinical/basic science research.  During his/her 3-year tenure, a perinatal fellow will complete all of the requirements of the ABOG Division of MFM. The perinatal fellow's clinical commitments include:

  • Serving as an inpatient attending together with a faculty member for a total of six months out of the three years
  • Working in outpatient high-risk obstetrics and ultrasound an additional 12 months

Yale-New Haven Hospital serves more than 6,000 pregnant patients per year, with a combined service of private and clinic patients. The high-risk service itself accepts about 150 transfers per year and averages 50 admissions per month to an 18-bed Maternal Special Care Unit. There are two outpatient ultrasound areas, staffed with sonographers and genetic counselors. Fellows gain extensive experience in diagnosing and counseling families with fetal anomalies.

Conference Schedule

Clinical Conferences

  • Daily Morning Report
  • High-risk Antepartum Rounds
  • Fetal Heart Monitoring Rounds
  • High-risk Outpatient Clinic Rounds
  • Grand Rounds (weekly)
  • Neonatology M&M (monthly)

Didactic Conferences

  • MFM Didactics (Weekly)
  • Pediatric Cardiology (Twice monthly)
  • Clinical Genetics (Twice monthly)
  • Journal Club / Epidemiology (Twice monthly)
  • Chapter Review (Twice monthly)
  • Neonatology (Monthly)
  • Research in Progress (Weekly)
  • Fetal board / NAFNET (Monthly)