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Dr. Mak's Lab

Research Interests

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Dr. Mak has three main areas of research interest:

  1. Understanding the role of a translational regulator, Pumilio, in the acquisition of the primordial follicle pool, oocyte maturation and maternal-to-zygotic transition. These studies will elucidate the genes important in establishing the ovarian reserve in women and identify new biomarkers of oocyte and embryo quality. 
  2. Understanding the pathophysiology of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) using molecular techniques to investigate the epigenetics i.e. DNA methylation patterns of these losses. These studies will expand our limited knowledge of the etiology of these conditions. Furthermore, these studies will lead to the discovery of new therapeutic targets for these conditions. 
  3. Investigating the potential of trophoblast stem cells to be used in regeneration and therapy for the placenta, akin to the use of embryonic stem cells for regenerative medicine in somatic tissues. These studies will lead potentially to a novel therapeutic strategy for conditions ranging from RPL to preeclampsia.