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About Us

The members of the Division of Reproductive Sciences conduct translational or basic research with medical students, residents, clinical fellows or pre– and post–doctoral research fellows. Areas of special emphasis includes reproductive immunology, oncology, hemostasis, angiogenesis, and neurophysiology, as well as fertility preservation and restoration, predicting and preventing pregnancy complications, developing novel contraceptives, and studies in reproductive endocrinology. These studies should not only lead to improved care of our patients but to fundamental discoveries that can have a great impact on reproductive biology.

The Department ranked 4th in the country in NIH funding in 2008 and currently has over $5.2 million in NIH grant support and another $4.4 million in funding from foundations and pharmaceutical companies. Over 100 peer–reviewed publications are generated each year by faculty and published in many high impact clinical and scientific journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, PNAS, Nature and Science. Current and former faculty members contribute to and/or edit many of the premier textbooks in the field. The Department sponsors weekly Research-in-Progress meetings where every researcher is expected to present the work of his/her lab for feedback at least once per year. Additionally, individual labs and clinical sections hold weekly research meetings to review and discuss current efforts.

The Division of Reproductive Science provides numerous training opportunities for physicians, medical students, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate and high school students.

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Division of Reproductive Sciences
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