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Fostering a Shared Vision of Professionalism

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Foundational to our community’s shared understanding of professionalism is the dissemination of values characterizing leadership and related professional behaviors endorsed by the School of Medicine. All members of the Yale School of Medicine community are expected to uphold these standards and consistently contribute to maintaining a professional, respectful culture.

Yale School of Medicine Core Values

The School of Medicine’s core values are derived from the Core Values for Twenty-first Century Leaders which were identified through the work of the Academic Leadership Committee from March 2018-September 2019 and communicated to the School of Medicine in January 2020. With each of equal and critical importance, these core values lay the foundation for values-driven leadership and provide more explicit focus on the behaviors and skills that reflect these values.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Twenty-first Century Leaders at Yale School of Medicine understand that diversity enhances innovation and intentionally foster diversity in the Yale School of Medicine community; ensure that all feel welcomed, engaged, and respected in the community; and prevent and address bias or harassment.

Integrity, Reflection, and Communication:

Twenty-first Century Leaders at Yale School of Medicine are self-aware and understand their own and others' vulnerabilities; listen with compassion, empathy, and respect; integrate diverse points of view and experience to develop consensus; invoke their strong moral compass to respond with integrity; and inspire others to join the mission of the entity they lead.

Discovery, Innovation, and Scholarship:

Twenty-first Century Leaders at YSM promote discovery and innovation in Yale School of Medicine's missions of research, education, clinical care, and social justice; respect diverse methods of knowledge generation; and encourage scholarship and entrepreneurship to disseminate knowledge and practice that will have a positive impact on society.

Building an Engaged and Productive Community:

Twenty-first Century Leaders at Yale School of Medicine collaborate to set aspirational long-term and attainable short-term goals and measure their own and other's outcomes; direct effective organizational change and management processes; and develop constructive relationships to further the mission of the entity they lead.


Twenty-first Century Leaders at Yale School of Medicine recognize their own need to learn and grow as a leader; identify strengths of talented individuals and personally nurture the balanced careers of faculty, staff, and trainees; reward faculty citizenship; and devote resources to enhance mentorship and faculty development in a fair, equitable, and transparent manner.