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Interventions to Address Unprofessional Behaviors

The OAPD Academic Professionalism and Leadership Team will support and facilitate the implementation of timely and responsive interventions that work to educate and remedy breaches of professionalism and other disruptive or unacceptable behaviors. These interventions will be driven by the character and seriousness of the behavior, the frequency of its occurrence, and whether the behavior has been addressed previously.

In consultation with the appropriate section chief or chair and the dean of Yale School of Medicine, responses to unprofessional faculty behavior and related interventions and sanctions will be situational and fact-specific. Possible interventions may include, but are not limited to:

  • OAPD-Academic Professionalism and Leadership Team support through check-ins or coaching
  • Education through formal training programs
  • Engagement of an external coach to raise awareness of and remedy disruptive, unprofessional behaviors
  • Disciplinary action, including but not limited to, removal from administrative leadership roles or termination

Examples of Unprofessional Behaviors

While not exhaustive, the following is a list of behaviors that undermine Yale School of Medicine’s shared vision of professionalism.

  • Bullying or verbal abuse, such as public humiliation, degrading comments, insults, or name-calling
  • Identity-based discrimination or harassment
  • Sexual misconduct, discrimination, or harassment
  • Scientific misconduct
  • Violation of financial policies and requirements
  • Inappropriate disclosure of confidential information
  • Threatening others with physical harm or punishment
  • Engaging in physically aggressive or threatening actions
  • Failing to follow required protocols
  • Financial mismanagement