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Work-Life Integration

Photo by Anthony DeCarlo

Work life integration is critical to the well-being of those at Yale School of Medicine. The University's Work-Life and Childcare website has many resources to assist with different aspects of this. Understanding what is available can be enormously helpful.

Health & Wellness

With the many demands on professionals regularly and during the ongoing trying times, it is critical to maintain focus on health and wellness.


Having solutions for childcare needs is critical to all with children. Information about child rearing and caregiver leaves are delineated under the Academic Affairs Section. Importantly, there are many resources related to childcare at Work at Yale. Some specific programs to be aware of include:

Benefits Available to Yale Faculty

Yale offers many benefits to its faculty. Those that faculty are often looking for information about include:

New Haven

New Haven offers a wealth of diverse offerings including culture, community and residential areas, and services. The University summarizes these under Living In New Haven.