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Other Appointment Types

Secondary, coterminous, visiting, dual, and joint appointments acknowledge the roles that faculty play in roles and/or departments other than their primary department.
Photo by Anthony DeCarlo

There are situations where faculty are active in more than one role and/or department and secondary, coterminous, visiting, dual, and joint appointment may be appropriately considered. The related considerations are presented below.

Secondary Appointments within YSM


Faculty who hold a primary appointment in one department may hold a secondary appointment in another YSM department. Secondary appointments acknowledge the contributions and role of a faculty member in the stated department. A secondary appointment or reappointment must not exceed the term in the primary department. If the primary rank is Professor, the term of the secondary appointment as Professor may not exceed 5 years.


To initiate a secondary appointment or reappointment, the secondary department initiates the Secondary Appt (Feb 2021) form and sends this to the faculty member’s primary department for chair’s signature. The signed form is returned to the secondary department for entry into Workday and a copy of the signed form should be emailed to OAPD.