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Questions & Answers

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

As part of our ongoing process of engaging faculty, we are proud to introduce an online platform for asking questions and presenting frequently asked questions with their responses.

Please click the sidebar link to ask questions or give comments. You can direct questions/comments to the Faculty Affairs leadership or office teams with the option provided.

If contact information is provided, we will send responses within approximately a week. If questions / comments are thought to be of general interest, we will post responses in the questions & answers portion of the OAPD website.

The Latest Questions & Answers

Yale Child Study Center welcomes 2023 summer interns

The Yale Child Study Center, which serves as the department of child psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, welcomes 24 undergraduate students from 11 universities and colleges around the country to the center's developmental science summer internship program this June and July.

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