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Faculty Retirement

Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Faculty may have questions about retirement related considerations and processes. Information is available about Planning for Retirement. This includes information about:

  • Retirement Savings, as it is never too soon to begin saving for retirement.
  • Retiree Health for medical plans for those who meet benefits eligibility when they retire.
  • And other retirement resources.

Faculty Phased Retirement Plan

The University offers the Faculty Phased Retirement Plan (FPRP) to eligible ladder faculty with 10 or more years of continuous service. Eligible faculty may elect to participate in this plan between their 65th and 70th birthdays. Participating faculty can reduce their workload by 50% in their three years of phased retirement without an equivalent drop in income in the first two years.

FPRP by Year

FPRP Workload/Salary
Year Workload Salary
Year 1 50% Workload 100% Salary
Year 2 50% Workload 75% Salary
Year 3 50% Workload 50% Salary
Year 4 Full Retirement

The FPRP brochure delineates specifics about eligibility, key details and features, related benefits & privileges, as well as helpful contacts.

Emeritus Titles

Faculty are recommended to the Dean by their departments for emeriti titles with the form Emeritus Status Request. The recommendations are submitted to the Provost’s Office for approval by the Corporation.

The following is excerpted from the Faculty Handbook, Section XXI. Q. Emeritus/Emeriti titles are granted by vote of the Corporation to members of the teaching faculty in certain ranks when they retire or resign from Yale, provided that they meet specified criteria for age and length of service. The ranks eligible for Emeritus status are: tenured faculty in all schools; professors in the practice in all schools; professors in the investigator, clinician-scientist, and clinician-educator ranks in the School of Medicine; professors in the clinical track in the School of Nursing; clinical professors in the School of Law; and full-time adjunct professors in the Schools of Art, Drama, and Music. To be eligible, a faculty member must have reached age 55, held full-time faculty appointments at Yale for at least ten years, and the combination of age plus eligible years in rank must equal at least 75. Nominations for Emeritus status shall be submitted by a faculty member's Dean to the Office of the Provost by the final semester of the individual's non-retired status. Emeritus/ Emeriti titles do not confer any academic appointment. They designate honorific status to which Yale attaches certain non-monetary administrative privileges, and the title may be withdrawn by the Corporation upon recommendation of the President or Provost.