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Sabbatical & triennial, child rearing, and caregiver leaves are great benefits offered by Yale School of Medicine. Please see the sections below for specific on each of these.

Unpaid Leave

Faculty who are on appointments of three years or more, and who have taught at Yale for at least one year, are eligible for a one-semester or full year leave of absence without salary. Such a leave is granted on recommendation of the department chair or the dean, and with the approval of the provost. Unpaid Leave Request form needs to be completed, submitted, and approved by the OAPD.

Faculty on an unpaid leave of absence are responsible for their share, if any, of the health and group life insurance costs. The employee share of insurance costs will accumulate during the period of unpaid leave and these costs will be collected upon return of the faculty member to a paid status. Yale will continue to pay its share for the period of the leave.