YSM, pharma to collaborate

Yale and the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science &; Technology (COSAT) have signed an agreement to fund activities at the Yale Small Molecule Discovery Center (YSMDC). The YSMDC helps validate potential biological targets for new drugs and molecules.

“This sponsorship of the YSMDC comes at a time when academic and pharmaceutical scientists are increasingly looking to collaborate in order to help fill the pharmaceutical pipeline with the medicines of tomorrow,” said Thomas E. Shrader, Ph.D. ’90, director of strategic corporate partnerships in Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research.

“This collaboration will allow Yale scientists to focus on the parts of this pathway that we do best—identifying novel disease targets, while getting COSAT’s expertise in the areas where Yale, and most universities, have limited experience,” said Michael S. Kinch, Ph.D., managing director of the YSMDC.