The Greatest Second Year Show Ever?

Oh, no! The Second Year Show is doomed! The new curriculum didn’t include time to put on a show! What to do!

Four second-year students come to the rescue in the Class of 2016’s “The Greatest Second Year Show Ever?” Since the show may be the last, it must be the best. “The M.D./Ph.D.,” played by Jessica Johnston; “The Global Health Nut,” played by Sam Kaplan; “The Gunner,” played by Jake Lister; and “The Elder,” played by Fritz Stabenau, seek advice from third-years, faculty, and deans, to no avail.

“Just do it,” advises a snarky third-year played by Sarah Gao. Faculty are too caught up in their own concerns to be much help—Associate Dean Nancy Angoff, played by Mary Barden, dreams of renaming the school the Yale School of Liberal Arts and Medicine. As they make the rounds of the School of Medicine the students poke fun at such other familiar faculty figures as Richard Belitsky, Larry Rizzolo, and, of course, Auguste Fortin and Peggy Bia.

All ends well when Belitsky, the deputy dean for education, realizes that a minor subcommittee of the curriculum committee had indeed ensured the future of the show. Simon Kagwana was the stage director and Jessica Ye was the show’s executive producer.

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