Class of 2000: 10th reunion

“We look good. We haven't aged at all!” Linda Maxwell summed up the weekend as concisely as possible during our class dinner at Central Steakhouse in the booming Ninth Square district in downtown New Haven. It was a treat to gather with so many classmates. The weather cooperated, save a downpour late Saturday night that soaked a few late revelers leaving 116 Crown after a nightcap. The weekend officially began with festivities on the Harkness Lawn Friday night. The most notable sight was the addition of several small children since our 5th reunion. Austin Colegio was on his home turf in the Bodell Center playground and was joined by Colby and Gira Giovanielli, and Luke and Jacob Seashore. Rumors about a late Friday gathering were abundant, but with bedtime looming for the kids I managed to miss any fun. Saturday inspired two spontaneous gatherings, one hosted by Oscar Colegio and Steph Eisenbarth at their home, and another crashing the home of the senior Doctors Seashore. The Saturday dinner was well attended, with a few brave parents even bringing their kids into the wine cellar of Central Steakhouse. Many were struck by the towering height of Lisa Eiland's son and daughter (remember those tiny tikes at graduation?). Felix Adler travelled the farthest (San Francisco) while Linda Maxwell gets the international travel award for coming from Canada. Compared with our five-year reunion, it seems we've all finished training finally, and, remarkably, many of us are in leadership and education roles as well. Dan Caplivski has taken the helm of the microbiology course at Columbia, while Dan Negoianu has found the lecterns at Penn, where he'll soon be joined by John Abraham, who is joining the orthopaedic faculty as chief of the sarcoma program. Keith Choate remains at Yale and is busy with a research program and practice in dermatology. Kira Giovanielli and Darren Lish are settled outside Denver and have no boredom in sight between the children and busy dermatology and forensic psychiatry practices. Ami Bhatt scurried down from Boston with daughter, Mira, and husband Neil (M.P.H. '00) only to be summoned back to call duties at MGH. John Mahoney flew in solo from Indiana where he's busy as a hand surgeon. He also has posted some great reunion photos on our class Facebook Page, Yale Medical School Class of 2000. ( Sunday's class brunch, again hosted by the senior Doctors Seashore, proved the fullest of our class activities and for the first time during the weekend produced Dan Jacoby, Jon Ripp, and Melissa Wolfe Beiner, all with families in tow. Dan's local in New Haven on the cardiology faculty at Yale, while Jon is pursuing novel methods of delivering care to homebound elderly in New York through his post at Mt Sinai. Melissa has perhaps the hardest job of all of us, having hung up her stethoscope for now while raising two children. As for me, we're now in Chapel Hill, N.C., where I'm on the University of North Carolina faculty in general pediatrics. Thanks to all who traveled from near and far to make our 10th reunion such a great success. For those who've not found it, join our Facebook page to keep up in between reunions. With any luck we'll have more pictures and second year show clips up soon! See you all at the 15th!!

—Carl Seashore

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