Class of 1984: 25th reunion

On Friday night, my husband, Peter Glazer (chair of therapeutic radiology, Yale), and son, Sam, and I were joined at dinner during a heavy rainstorm by Aron Wahrman (plastic surgery; teaching at Temple University) and his wife, Peggy; John Krystal (new chair of psychiatry at Yale); Phil Krause (vaccine expert at the FDA) and Rich Marottoli (Yale geriatrics). On Saturday night we were joined by Lenny Bell (CEO of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Cheshire, Conn.) and his wife, Linda; Michael Caplan (Yale physiology) and his wife, JoAnne Burger; Sandra Castro (pediatric emergency medicine, Johnson City, Tenn.) and her two amusing sons, Nick and Alec; Jay Kostman (U. Penn., infectious disease); Rich Marottoli; Bill Rios (internal medicine, Gainsville, Fla.) and his wife, Coleen; Ken Rosenblum (business entrepreneur, Minnesota); Paul Rothman (dean at the University of Iowa); Edwina Simmons (ob-gyn, Westlake, Ohio) and her poised teenage son, Myles; Mark Stein (urology, NYC); Andy Sternlicht (anesthesia, Boston); Bob Staszewski (dermatology, Boston); Diana Traquina (ENT, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, N.J.) and her husband, Bernard Vasseur, and Doug Webber (internal medicine, Los Angeles). We also had a nice relaxing breakfast on our porch on Sunday morning. It was great catching up with everyone. I hope that at our 30th reunion we can have an even bigger turnout. To that end, Sandra Castro and Ken Rosenblum have volunteered to help me organize an effort to contact everyone to urge them to come back to Yale to join us!

Susan Baserga

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