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Yale science for a broader audience

Yale Medicine Magazine, 1999 - Fall / 2000 - Winter


Notwithstanding the fact that my only Yale degree is an undergraduate one, and that in English, about two years ago I began to receive quarterly copies of Yale Medicine. It’s unclear to me how I got on the mailing list, but I must say that it’s a wonderful publication, even for (at best) a scientific dilettante like me who gleans most of what he knows about science from the pages of The New York Times.

I write this by way of a gloss on what I perceive as a tremendous increase in scientific research done at Yale today compared with my era, recognizing that this phenomenon may reflect as much an increase in Yale’s effort to publicize that research and the fruits thereof as it does actual increments in the volume of Yale’s scientific undertakings.

Given the excellence of Yale Medicine as an information vehicle for what’s going on in a particular area at Yale, I wonder whether consideration has been or should be given to a broader journal/magazine about Yale science.

If Yale Medicine can intrigue and make this humanities alumnus feel even more positively about his alma mater than he does naturally, an even broader publication may be worthwhile.

Ronald G. Sampson, B.A. ’63