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The Grundilini: From the Chronicles of Audelae

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Autumn


by Benjamin R. Doolittle, M.Div. ’94, M.D. ’97

New Canaan Publishing Company (New Canaan, Conn.) 2002

The Grundilini is a fantasy novel for young-adult readers (ages 9 to 13) in the tradition of C.S. Lewis.

Audelae, the young leader of her people, must rely on her cunning and bravery to overcome a more powerful foe and reclaim her people’s most cherished possession. She seeks her magic flower, which has been stolen by the Grundilini—the most wicked mercenaries in the land. In facing up to the Grundilini, Audelae and her crew must make choices that test their human values and their very understanding of self.

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