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Remembering Gustaf Lindskog

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2003 - Winter


On page 62 of your last issue, a good one, I read of the passing of G.E. Lindskog. As house staff, I scrubbed many times with Dr. Lindskog, who was chairman of surgery with a specialty in thoracic surgery. He taught me a lot and I learned to respect his demands for excellence. During the more than six years that I worked with him, he was very good to me and we became friends.

Frank J. Lepreau, HS ’45
Westport, Mass.

Sadly, the autumn issue stirs memories of my mother’s terminal bout with lung cancer in 1952. With Dr. Lindskog’s passing, I am reminded of the connections between them and with her willingness to be his experimental patient in radioactive colloidal gold treatments. It did help her through the last few months of her life—for that I was grateful.

George M. Isbell
Mount Dora, Fla.

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