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More alumni news, please

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2002 - Autumn


I am delighted with the “new” Yale Medicine. It’s readable and full of good information.

One disappointment, however. What has happened to alumni news? The undergraduate alumni journal, the Yale Alumni Magazine, ignores the medical school in its alumni section, and the medical journal has only a skimpy bit of news. For those of us whose graduation occurred almost 60 years ago, we are very interested in what is happening to our old colleagues in our class and those around us. More importantly, in the most recent issue, there was nothing before the 50s. Are those of us from the 40s written off? Many of us are still alive and vigorously kicking.

Make the class secretaries get to work and satisfy the old-timers as well as the more recent graduates.

Raymond A. Gagliardi, M.D. ’45
Boca Raton, Fla.