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Yale Medicine Magazine, 1998 - Winter/Spring


There was a girl from a midwest town,
She didn't smile, she didn't frown
When other children went out to play
She stayed inside and watched the
cells all day

This made her momma very sad,
It made her poppa very mad,
To see their beautiful little girl
Have the cells become her whole world

But with the cells she did stay
On the microscope she all day
What she watching was lots of fun,
She see mitosis, mon!
And she say:

One cell will get you two cells,
Two cells will get you four
Unless one dies then,
You have just three cells
But these make six cells
Before your eyes

The girl she grow now day by day
Until a Ph.D. she did say,
Is just the very right thing for me
If a scientist I am to be

So she went to San Francisco,
All the way from O-hi-o
She took a bike, she took a train,
Still she got there all the same

When she saw those hills so high,
And the bridges that touched the sky,
It brought a tear right to her eye,
But she say:

Lots of people she got to know,
Lots of cells in San Francisco,
The cell divisions she got to see,
Were more beautiful than the sea

This made her momma very proud
Her poppa too would sing out loud
Still it made her kind of sad,
For the life she never had
Her university the best in the land
She wanted more or she'd throw it
in the can
So she joined a rock and roll band,
She's singing:

Ira Mellman