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Match Day 2019

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2018 - Autumn


Winter in Connecticut unfolded slowly over 2018-19, bracketing the bulk of the coldest weather with snowstorms in November and March. By March 15, the remnants of that March storm, wreathes of gray, melting ice, embellished parking lots and sidewalks like illustrations on the pages of a medieval manuscript. Spring was ready to arrive and announce itself. At Yale School of Medicine, an annual crowd of students, faculty, family, and friends gathered in Café Med, at 367 Cedar Street, eager to see what four or five years of hard work had wrought.

The students were there to find out where they’d matched; others were there to offer support or help the students celebrate.

“I came here to feel the excitement of Match Day again,” said Jacob Siegel, MD, a dermatology resident at Yale New Haven Hospital who stopped by on his way to a clinic. “It’s a special day in the life of a doctor.”

At noon, Nancy Angoff, MD ’90, MPH ’81, MEd, HS ’93, pulled open the glass doors to the Harkness Ballroom and the fourth-year students surged inside. Their goal: a letter, containing within the details of the next years of their lives—a location, a program, and a new beginning; the years they’d first be able to practice as doctors, healing wounded or ill patients.

Eighty-five students entered the room and it was quickly filled with whooping, elated shouts. Triumphant YSM students offered hugs to each other and to family. Others, more muted, considered their time at Yale with stoicism and circumspection.

Tejas Sathe, a fourth-year student who matched in general surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia, was among the elated. “I’m very thankful to Yale School of Medicine and to my wonderful classmates. It was a blessing to go here, and I’m confident that the many creative projects I had a chance to participate in—the second year show, starting a business—gave me a decisive edge when it came to applying to residential programs. This is a great day.”

Sathe’s family, visiting for the occasion, helped place his accomplishment in context. “Tejas wanted to practice surgery because it’s an outcome-driven field; one performs surgery, there is a positive end result. He’s been thinking about being a doctor since he was 6 years old,” said his father, Sudarshan Sathe.

Every year, the process of matching students with residency programs keeps Angoff, associate dean for student affairs and associate professor of medicine, busy until the last day. Most students match straight away, but there are always holes that emerge. “It’s usually very stressful in the last week leading up to Match Day,” Angoff said. “But we’re always so proud of our students and happy for them as they learn where they will start their professional careers.”

Two fourth-year students, Paul Bourdillon and Mohammed Imran Ghare, swapped stories with well-wishers outside Harkness Ballroom after the presentation. Ghare will be joining his spouse and daughter at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. “Yale was the perfect sandbox to learn medicine and learn what it takes to be a doctor,” he said. “And I’m really looking forward to reuniting the family!”

Bourdillon, who will pursue a residency in internal medicine with the University of Washington, “couples” matched too, and will be moving to Seattle soon. “I’m incredibly excited that we were able to match together at a place that we both love,” he said

Another student, Alice Lu, an MD-PhD candidate, said that the day can be different for dual-degrees like herself. “I’ve been to a lot of Match Days,” she said. “It’s always a fun day.”

One thing about this Match Day was different from others. Whereas in years past, students matched and then immediately left campus, this year they will stay for the newly revived “4th Year Show.” They will also have another two weeks of class: a capstone course that’s part reflections on their time at YSM, and part preparation for what they’ll encounter as residents. David Rosenthal, MD, assistant professor of medicine, who is teaching the course, was on hand with a mobile “selfie” booth so that students could take photos.

“This is a nice way for students to release from the pressure of all the work they put in over the years,” said Rosenthal. “We hope we’ve prepared them for what’s next.”

Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital Program, Oakland
Jeremiah Cross, Emergency Medicine

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Program, Santa Clara
Alina Yang, Medicine-Preliminary

Stanford University Programs
Matthew Erlendson, Anesthesiology
Tyler Greenway, Pediatrics/Anesthesiology
Robin Wu, Plastic Surgery (Integrated)

UCLA Medical Center Program, Los Angeles
Yejoo Jeon, Internal Medicine
Amanda Lu, Ophthalmology

University of California–San Diego
Mansur Ghani, Interventional Radiology (Integrated)/Research

University of California–San Francisco
Michael Boyle, Emergency Medicine
Herbert Castillo Valladares, Dermatology
Lawrence Chan, Surgery-Preliminary, Ophthalmology
Amandine Godier-Furnemont, General Surgery
Sifon Ndon, Otolaryngology

Bridgeport Hospital/Yale University Program
Aliya Roginiel, Medicine-Preliminary

Eastern Connecticut Health Network, Manchester
Amanda Lu, Transitional

Griffin Hospital Program, Derby
Jea Young Park, Medicine-Preliminary

St. Mary's Hospital (Waterbury) Program
Theodore Zaki, Medicine-Preliminary

St. Vincent's Medical Center Program, Bridgeport
Alp Yurter, Medicine-Preliminary

Yale-New Haven Medical Center Program
Raysa Cabrejo, Surgery-Preliminary
Eun Sook Choi, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Rebecca Fine, Internal Medicine
Mansur Ghani, Medicine-Preliminary
Michael Gormally, Internal Medicine (Physician Scientist)
Christina Johns, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Sa Rang Kim, Medicine-Preliminary, Dermatology
Renee Maina, Surgery-Preliminary
Anusha Raja, Internal Medicine
Andrea Roberts, Internal Medicine
Kelly Rogers, Medicine-Preliminary
Noel Turner, Medicine-Preliminary, Dermatology
Jin Woo Yoo, Internal Medicine
Theodore Zaki, Dermatology
Chloe Zimmerman, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Yale-New Haven Medical Center (Waterbury) Program
Herbert Castillo Valladares, Medicine-Preliminary
Emily Coleman, Medicine-Preliminary

MedStar Health/Georgetown University Hospital Program
Peter Hetzler, Plastic Surgery (Integrated)

Mount Sinai Medical Center of Florida Program, Miami Beach
Adam Nolte, Urology

McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University Program, Chicago
Mark Youngblood, Neurosurgery

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago Program
Alexandra Thomas, Psychiatry/Research

Tulane University Program, New Orleans
Praneeth Sadda, Internal Medicine

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Patrick McGillivray, Internal Medicine
Amitte Rosenfeld, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Samara Fox, Psychiatry
Aaron Hakim, Internal Medicine

Boston University Medical Center
Emily Coleman, Dermatology

Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston
Nicholas Chedid, Internal Medicine
Sophie Chung, Surgery-Preliminary
Mohammed Ghare, Internal Medicine
Kavita Mistry, Internal Medicine
Ke Zhang, Interventional Radiology (Integrated)
Kelly Rogers, Neurology
Sara Tannenbaum, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cambridge Health Alliance Program
Rahil Rojiani, Psychiatry

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Rebecca Liu, Internal Medicine
Sudhakar Nuti, Internal Medicine/Primary Care
Sophia Shimer, Internal Medicine
Tafadzwa Chaunzwa, Radiation Oncology
Stephen DeVries, Emergency Medicine

Mount Auburn Hospital Program, Cambridge
Tafadzwa Chaunzwa, Medicine-Preliminary

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital/Harvard Medical School Program, Charlestown
Alp Yurter, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

University of Michigan Health System Program, Ann Arbor
Whitney Fu, General Surgery
Jonathan Gaillard, Child Neurology
Shihan Khan, Internal Medicine
Alison Lee, Dermatology
Xiang Li, Internal Medicine

Hospital for Special Surgery, New York
Patawut Bovonratwet, Orthopaedic Surgery

Jacobi Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Hong Li, Diagnostic Radiology

New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Hong Li, Medicine-Preliminary

New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia
Tejas Sathe, General Surgery
Elliot Morse, Otolaryngology

New York University School of Medicine
Mekka Garcia, Child Neurology

Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell at Zucker Hillside Hospital, Glen Oaks
Derek Ou, Psychiatry

Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Program, Great Neck
Alison Lee, Medicine-Preliminary
Aliya Roginiel, Ophthalmology

Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell at Staten Island Univ. Hosp., Staten Island
Taha Qarni, Medicine-Preliminary

Duke University Medical Center, Durham
Prince Antwi, Neurosurgery
Shang-Lin Chung, Internal Medicine

Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Florence Hsiao, Family Medicine

University of Cincinnati Medical Center/College of Medicine Program
Joongyu Song, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Jonathan Levinsohn, Pediatrics

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Kelsey Loeliger, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Laura Pappalardo, Neurology
Taha Qarni, Neurology
Amy Schettino, Otolaryngology
Nicholas Wilcox, Internal Medicine

Temple University Hospital Program, Philadelphia
Zachary Grunwald, Emergency Medicine

Wills Eye Residency Program at Jefferson, Philadelphia
Alina Yang, Ophthalmology

Medical University of South Carolina Program, Charleston
Constance Zou, Psychiatry

Baylor College of Medicine Program, Houston
Cortlandt Sellers, Diagnostic Radiology

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Program
Nidharshan Anandasivam, Orthopaedic Surgery

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Program, Dallas
Emily Hoff, Internal Medicine
Nicholas Lee, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City
Matthew Swallow, Urology

Riverside Regional Medical Center Program Newport News
Cortlandt Sellers, Transitional

University of Washington Affiliated Hospitals, Seattle
Paul Bourdillon, Internal Medicine
Lovemore Kuzomunhu, General Surgery
Cassie Pan, Otolaryngology
Goldie Stands-Over-Bull, Family Medicine
Evgeniya Tyrtova, Neurosurgery

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