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Gordon receives the Peter Parker Medal for years of service

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2005 - Spring


Martin E. Gordon, M.D. ’46, has taken on many roles in his varied career. Of late the semiretired gastroenterologist has chaired the board of trustees of the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library and has lured such prominent speakers as genome researcher J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., and recent Nobelist Peter C. Agre, M.D., to the library board’s annual lectureships.

In October, at a ceremony in the Medical Historical Library, Gordon received the Peter Parker Medal, named for the 19th-century Yale medical and divinity school alumnus who went to China as a medical missionary. The medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to medicine and the well-being of the School of Medicine.

“He has been a supporter of many parts of the medical school,” said Dean Robert J. Alpern, M.D., Ensign Professor of Medicine. “Probably his greatest contribution has been to this library. I can’t think of a more appropriate recipient than we have this year. Marty has been described as dynamic and charismatic and a fixture at the Yale School of Medicine, and one that we have been thrilled to have. He really exemplifies what we look for in training doctors to become leaders of medicine.”

Gordon offered thanks to legendary physicians at the school of medicine, including Milton C. Winternitz, M.D., and Gerald Klatskin, M.D. “Their wisdom became applied lessons, amplified while sharing the angst and joy of the life of so many patients,” Gordon said, before adding thanks to his wife, Evelyn, and his children and their spouses.

“I cannot fully express how the Yale School of Medicine has shaped my own life,” he said, noting that the school and Parker shared the same mission—“promoting the health and advancing the welfare of others.”

He has produced award-winning films such as Microscopy: Tools of Biomedical Science, as well as teaching tools, including the Global Disease Guide. He continues as a dean of the Academy of Judges for the International Health & Medical Media Awards Ceremony.

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