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Energy institute at West Campus

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2012 - Winter


A $25 million gift from a Yale College alumnus and his wife will help launch the Energy Sciences Institute on Yale University’s West Campus, President Richard C. Levin announced in September. The institute will join the five other institutes on the West Campus in cancer biology, chemical biology, microbial diversity, systems biology, and nanobiology.

During the institute’s start-up phase, the university will recruit new faculty members, including a director; dedicate 40,000 square feet of laboratory space on the West Campus to the institute; and launch interdisciplinary research programs spanning Yale’s science and engineering departments. The institute will bring together physicists, chemists, geologists, biologists, and engineers to develop solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

“The cutting-edge research that will be conducted at this new Energy Sciences Institute is vitally important,” said Thomas F. Steyer, a hedge fund manager and graduate of the Class of 1979, who made the gift with his wife, Kathryn A. Taylor.