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Autism Spectrum Disorders in Infants and Toddlers: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2009 - Winter


by Katarzyna Chawarska, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Child Study Center, Ami J. Klin, Ph.D., Harris Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry in the Child Study Center and associate professor of psychology, Fred R. Volkmar, M.D., the Irving B. Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology in the Child Study Center, and Michael D. Powers, Psy.D., assistant clinical professor in the Child Study Center (The Guilford Press) This book synthesizes research on the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders in very young children. The authors examine critical research issues and present innovative approaches to assessing social, cognitive, adaptive, communications and sensorimotor impairments in the first two years of life. The book also addresses ways to support families in coping with an early diagnosis and in becoming effective advocates for their children. The book includes case studies and discusses popular but controversial treatments for these disorders.

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