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An evolving Yale Medicine

Yale Medicine Magazine, 1999 - Summer


You may notice a few improvements in this issue of Yale Medicine: cleaner typography, more extensive use of color, an additional feature or two and the lively touch of designers Peter Johnson and Kristin Tomsits of the Yale RIS Design Department. During the course of the next several issues, we will be fine-tuning the magazine’s content and presentation with the goal of creating a more attractive, better organized, and, ultimately, more informative publication.

While the core mission of Yale Medicine remains unchanged, we would like to hear from readers as we reconsider its format. What do you like about the magazine? What could be better? What could be added to make Yale Medicine more useful and enjoyable? Please share your thoughts by writing to us at the address on the masthead or by e-mailing me directly at

Meanwhile, we have added content to our Web site, including back issues from the past two years and supplemental material that you won’t find in the magazine. A video clip, edited from interviews with three of the students who traveled to Macedonia, accompanies our cover story. We’re also seeking student-show memorabilia, which we will digitize and make available on the Web; see the timeline in The Show must go on and please help us fill in the missing years.

While you’re online, please take a fresh look at the school’s overall site, which has been redesigned by Patrick Lynch with the help of a school-wide committee. You may also want to visit Yale University’s retooled front door on the Web at — one of the first projects overseen by new University Printer John Gambell. An accomplished designer and senior critic at the School of Art, John became university printer last August, continuing a long Yale tradition in graphic design and typography. He has provided valuable counsel as the School of Medicine refocuses its publications. Stay tuned for future developments.