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Yale Medicine Magazine, 2012 - Winter


Yale medical and Yale College students, including Bibhav Acharya, M.D. ’11; Jason Andrews, M.D. ’07; Chhitij Bashyal, B.A. ’10; Sanjay Basu, M.D. ’09, Ph.D. ’09; Jen Garnett, M.P.H. ’08; Jen Guo; Duncan Smith-Rohrberg Maru, M.D. ’09, Ph.D. ’09; Ruma Rajbhandari; Ryan Schwarz M.D. ’11, M.B.A. ’11; and Aditya Sharma M.D. ’07, have led the Nyaya team since 2006. Despite numerous challenges, they have succeeded in developing a health system that provides care to a region of hundreds of thousands of people.