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1995 - 10th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2005 - Autumn


I am glad to report a strong turnout for the Class of 1995. It was wonderful, considering how busy we all are with our careers and families. Chris Lykins traveled from his busy otolaryngology practice in Phoenix to share memories with his friends. Chris has found a great spot for all of us to visit in Arizona and invites us all to visit him at Burning Man next year. Chris Wahl traveled from the University of Washington in Seattle. It was really an expedition, since his five-month-old triplets accompanied him. His wife, Rebecca, deserves most of that praise. Although we are sad that Chris has left the Yale community, we are happy to see that he is practicing sports medicine at the very institution that he once passed on. Emily (Rosenberg) Roth (pediatrics) and Jake Roth (psychiatry) were able to join us at the clambake. They and their two children spent the past few years at Harvard. No degrees for the children thus far. They have all recently headed for warmer weather near Todd Alamin and Artis Montague in California. David Morales, his wife, Mary, and their two children traveled from Houston, where Dave is a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, after nine years of training. Nick Schwartz and his wife, Loretta, traveled from Seattle for the occasion. Nick is truly remarkable for being our only alumnus to have completed two residencies. However, most of us do believe that he is best suited for psychiatry. While he did not stay at the President’s mansion we understand that his quarters in New Haven were comfortable. Jeff Algazy and his lovely wife, Abbey, came up from New Jersey for the event. Jeff has been doing consulting for a number of years and is happy spending time with his daughter. Brian Adams, Jilda Vargus and their daughter came back to Yale from Cincinnati. Brian is practicing dermatology and Jilda is practicing psychiatry. Brian and Jilda both exemplify the spirit of our class. Their assistance with fund-raising was appreciated by all of us. Tim Kinkead and his wife, Lisa, drove in from Cape Cod, where Tim is practicing orthopaedics. Tim now has a look-alike son, who fortunately has his mother’s temperament. Christine Brozowskicame 3,000 miles, from Berkeley. Her knowledge of wine makes her a very useful contact when traveling to Napa. My neighbor Jon Driscoll came with his wife, Jenna, and their 4-month-old twins. Jon has a great orthopaedic practice in Connecticut. He is even operating on fellow alumni! It was great to see Margi Rosenthal in attendance. Although difficult events brought her back to New Haven, we are glad to see her practicing pediatrics at Yale. Chip Skowron and his wife, Cheryl, came in from Greenwich to catch up with old friends. Chip is happily running a successful hedge fund, and has three children. As for myself, I am living on a farm with my wife, Holly, and our two children. I also practice pediatrics on the side.

It was really wonderful seeing everyone back at Yale. It was inspiring to see how far people traveled—particularly with kids! I am looking forward to seeing more of us back in the coming years. Barbara Garcia, Alice Chang, Ben LeBlanc, Erin LeBlanc, Eric Hughes, Larry Solomon, Tim Hong, Dorothy Novick and Eric Gomes all regret not being able to make it this time. We certainly have an exceptional class. I look forward to many memorable reunions to come.

Steven Craig