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1991 - 15th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2006 - Autumn


The Class of 1991 marked its 15th reunion on June 2 and 3. It was an occasion to reflect on the joys of our accomplishments and on the unspeakable sorrow of our losses. Arriving on Friday evening for the Dean’s reception and clambake were Colleen Foy, Funda Meric and James Stanislaw with guest Brandy Settlemyre, and our class’s dear friend Cynthia Carver-Smith. Later Friday arrivals included Carl Henningson, Liz Holt, Jane Minturn and Dan Saal (Carl and Dan graciously accepted hospitality from Château Leaubeau). After the clambake, the party rolled on into New Haven’s old reliable, Viva Zapata’s, where nachos and sangria fueled a few more hours of revelry.

On Saturday morning the crowd swelled with the arrivals of David Frankfurter with wife Lisa Tillman and children, and Bob Spillane with wife Annette and new bundle of joy, just in time for the class photo. Saturday afternoon saw a log phase, prompted by the transporting reading of Doris Iarovici. Doris had been invited by her publisher to read at the Yale Bookstore from her most recent collection of short stories, American Dreaming and Other Stories. Arriving at the reading were Marc Butler and companion Chris Yulo, Eleanor Pollak, Kathy Ryder and Marc Potenza. A little afternoon diversion and then dinner—more log phase growth. Gaetane Francis and Larry Hirsch, Peter Bernstein and wife Cathleen Barnhart, were there. We were also treated to a whirlwind visit from Robin Smith and special guest Dr. Morris Dillard. Colleen Foy opened wines she brought from her husband’s family vineyard—Esterlina 2003 Zinfandel (14.7% alcohol!), 2003 Pinot Noir, and 2004 Chardonnay— sublime— hurry and buy. I must say that everyone with the exception of yours truly looked great.

After dinner the fireplace lit up, while I tried to find music to keep the party a-rockin’. Frankly, I failed in that endeavor, which prompted Doris to move the party to Bar, one of New Haven’s hip night spots, where the ageless wonders of ’91 showed the kids how it’s done. At some point, I and the Saturday night Château guests, Colleen Foy and Dan Saal, got home. Late the next morning I awoke to the fetching aroma of baking (huh?!) in the Château’s kitchen. It was Dan, back at the bench with a new experiment—scones. A true eureka moment—there’s nothing better than a good scone. As the first scones were being broken, Liz Holt and Jane Minturn careened around the corner in Liz’s garnet-red Lotus Elise (which later shuttled Jane and Dan to the train, one at a time—two-seater, you know). After a few hours of scones, coffee, bubbly and mimosas, ’91 adjourned for now—see everyone in 2011!

Frank Lobo