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1990s - Bose / Pacia

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2003 - Winter


Arani Bose, M.D., HS ’95, left, and Steven V. Pacia, M.D., HS ’91, FW ’93, are combining medical careers with the running of a fine arts gallery in Manhattan. Bose is assistant professor of radiology and neurology at New York University (NYU) and founder of Smart Therapeutics, a biotech company that produced the first intracranial stent. Pacia is director of the NYU Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, as well as director of research for the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at NYU and principal investigator for a site of a National Institutes of Health multicenter study of epilepsy surgery. Together, Bose and Pacia run Bose Pacia Modern, a gallery of contemporary Indian art that they launched with their wives in 1994, while still in medical training. The gallery, the first in North America to focus on the modern art of India, is located in the Chelsea art district and has mounted shows reviewed in The New York Times and fine arts magazines. (For a look at the current exhibition and past shows, see

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