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1990s - Anderson

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2001 - Spring


Susan G. Anderson, M.D. ’90, served as an expedition physician and lecturer on two around-the-world trips in November and January. The 21- and 24-day trips via private 757 jet were planned and guided by TCS Expeditions in Seattle. The “Around-the-World Millennium Trip” began in Los Angeles and went from Easter Island to Samoa through New Guinea, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Oman, Tanzania, Jordan, Timbuktu, Mali and Morocco. The “Ancient Crossroads Trip,” sponsored by the Museum of Natural History in New York, included stops in London, Jordan, Iran, Burma, Cambodia, Mongolia, China and Syria. Anderson is clinical assistant professor of medicine in the division of infectious disease and geographic medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and co-director of a new travel medicine service that is being developed at Stanford. “One of my main roles at Stanford is to assist medical students and undergraduates in pursuing clinical, research and public service-oriented international health projects. Another role is [performing] pre-travel and post-travel evaluations,” Anderson wrote in an e-mail message. Serving as an expedition physician “was an incredible opportunity to practice travel medicine in the field and help people of all ages with all types of medical histories travel safely to remote places.”

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