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1976 - 30th reunion

Yale Medicine Magazine, 2006 - Autumn


The weekend was a little wet (!), but that did not prevent us from having a great time greeting old friends and sharing our news. Present at the class dinner on Saturday night at Chow, the Friday night clambake in Harkness courtyard, or both, were the following:

Sarah Auchincloss: She is busy practicing psychiatry in New York City and raising her children. Alfredo Axtmayer and wife Pat: Alfredo is practicing orthopaedic surgery in Wallingford, Conn., and is also heavily into golf. Sharon Bonney (referred to below as me/I) and husband James A. Beattie Jr.: Sharon retired in 2005 after 20-plus years of Comitedesigning and running investigational drug clinical trials for first Wyeth, then Miles (now called Bayer) and then Pfizer (10 years). She received a Distinguished Alumni Service Award from the AYAM (Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine) on June 3. Roger Boshes and wife Meredith: They brought Dr. and Mrs. William Konigsberg as guests to the class dinner. Bill is still teaching molecular biology to the Yale medical students as he did to us 35 years ago. Bill looks exactly the same, except he now has silver hair instead of pepper-and-salt. Roger is a psychiatry professor at Harvard. He no longer looks like John Lennon. Charles Swenson: He is practicing psychiatry and teaching trainees in Northampton, Mass. He now looks like Stephen Spielberg. Frank Watkins: He is an orthopaedic surgeon in New Rochelle, N.Y. He and I are huge fans of Hillary Clinton. He reminded me that she audited the Class of 1975’s first-year psychiatry lecture course at CMHC in 1971-72 with Frank, Todd Estroff, George Knowles and me. Todd Estroff: He is practicing adult and child psychiatry in Atlanta. He has written a book—the Manual of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment, published by American Psychiatric Publishing in August 2001. It is available on Candace Corson: She is a consultant and national marketing director for USA Integrative Med/Juice Plus in Granger, Ind. She is enthusiastically spreading the word about the benefits of nutriceuticals. Her husband is George Knowles, M.D. ’75. Florence Comite: She is practicing in New Haven and teaching at Yale. Her son Jon just finished his first year of medical school at Yale. Vin Dicola: He is a cardiologist in private practice in New Haven. His son John is attending Stanford University; his daughter Laura just graduated from Choate and will be attending Harvard University in the fall. Vin is subspecializing in golf and in winning contests.

Ken Dobuler and wife Susan: Ken is the chief of medicine at Griffin Hospital in Derby, Conn. He and Susan live in Branford, Conn., not too far from the Sound. Ken is building a sailboat (seriously!). Chris Jolles and Katie Reeder: Chris is in private practice in special gynecology and oncology in Salt Lake City, Utah. Richard Kayne and wife Maria: Rich is in solo practice (endocrinology and internal medicine) in Cheshire, Conn. He is on the board of directors for Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Conn., for children with cancer and serious blood diseases. Maria is on the board of the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. Many, many thanks to Rich and Maria for once again serving as the social chairpersons for this 30th reunion, as they did for our 25th!!!

Norman Kohn: He is practicing psychiatry and neurology in Chicago. Bill Levy and wife Karen Kelly, M.D. ’77: Bill and Karen recently relocated from Abington, Pa., to Williamstown, Mass., where they are employed (Bill as the hospital cardiologist, Karen in internal medicine/geriatrics) at the local hospital. They are enjoying their seven-acre mountaintop spread and getting to know their neighbors. Eventual retirement to that gorgeous region was the motivation for their move from Philly, but they are having so much fun that retirement looks a long way off! Cindy Mann: She is practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine in Hamden, Conn., and is a major supporter of women’s health research at Yale. Doug Mann: He recently moved to Cape Cod (Falmouth), where he is in solo practice in otolaryngology and loving it. He recently joined an a cappella singing group called Notescape.cod. Rick Morin: He is a professor and pediatrician/neonatologist at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and is serving as its interim dean. Peter Swanson: He is associated with Family Health Care Associates in Shelton, Conn. John Wiles: He is practicing dermatology in New London, Conn.

News from those unable to attend the reunion but who send greetings to all:

Randy Cebul is professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve Medical School in Cleveland, Ohio. He and wife Mary Scott Cebul live in Hunting Valley, Ohio. Avi Hettena and his wife live in San Francisco. He is practicing medicine and they are raising their five children. Jon Lederer (M.D./Ph.D.) is a professor doing basic research and teaching at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. Richard Neubauer is practicing internal medicine in Anchorage, Alaska. He has been appointed to the Board of Regents of the American College of Physicians.

Many, many thanks to all for coming and for contributions to this newsletter! See you all, we hope, for our 35th in 2011.

Sharon L. Bonney