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A Week in the Life: Celebrating 200 Years of Yale School of Medicine

In recognition of the School of Medicine’s bicentennial, we chose to devote the Winter 2011 issue of the magazine to a photo essay documenting a week in its life. During the week of September 20-24, photographers Julie Brown, Terry Dagradi, Robert Lisak, Michael Marsland, Frank Poole, and Stephanie Zollshan joined me in taking pictures throughout the medical campus. This was true fly-on-the-wall photojournalism. Nothing was posed or staged—each scene was captured as it unfolded before our lenses.

On Thursday, September 23, as part of our Week in the Life of Yale School of Medicine project, we asked photographer Frank Poole to set up a backgrop, lights, and camera in the Sterling Hall of Medicine. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., we asked people passing by or working in nearby offices to take a moment to be photographed. Dozens of medical students, graduate students, librarians, administrative assistants, postdocs, faculty members, and visitors to the medical school posed for us. Their portaits are included in this online gallery.

In addition to the photographs we included in the print edition of Yale Medicine, we have prepared an online gallery of photographs we just didn’t have room to publish. The photogaphs, in print and online, acknowledge all the people who make the School of Medicine a leader in education, research and clinical care, from custodians, secretaries, and librarians, to students, postdocs, scientists, lab techs, and deans. Our thanks go out to our team of talented photographers and to all those across the medical school who so graciously opened their offices, labs, classrooms, and operating rooms to us. To see this slideshow, click here.