1993 - 10th reunion

Most of us agreed that we looked the same and that no one had aged. Most of us had moved beyond or were on the verge of moving beyond the fellowship-training era. Conversation focused on practice associations, billing, mortgages and children. In keeping with Yale tradition, the class continues to demonstrate leadership in areas in and out of medicine. We were all delighted to find the Yale System still intact!! The reunion was attended by 18 alumni and several family members.

Juan Bartolomei is practicing neurosurgery at Yale. He and his wife, Nicole, were both present. A few alums retired to Juan’s place in Madison, Conn., after the clambake to reminisce about good times. Adina Chelouche and husband George Tellides, M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon at Yale, came with children Theodore, Julia and Alexander. Adina is practicing obstetrics and gynecology at Yale.

Eileen Deignan arrived with husband Victor Hsu, M.D. (rheumatology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital), and son Evan. Eileen is in a private dermatology practice in the Boston area. Dee Dockery, who made the trip from Dallas, Texas, is practicing radiology at Baylor University Medical Center. Ann Dolinsky lives in New York City, where she is an attending psychiatrist at Columbia University. Stephanie Falcone, who brought her daughter, Hana, practices general surgery and specializes in breast surgery in New York. Christopher Fey is practicing radiology in Greenwich, Conn., and continues to make even the grumpiest among us laugh. He was all smiles, as was everyone else around him. Joe Fodero made the trip from Livingston, N.J., where he practices plastic surgery. Myles Greenberg, who traveled from North Carolina, has joined a venture capital investment firm interested in promoting biotechnology. He continues to serve as part-time faculty in emergency medicine at the University of North Carolina. Gregory Heinen brought the entire clan all the way from Riverside, Calif. His wife, Judith, and children, Geoffrey, Jonathan and Katrina, were all a pleasure. Greg is practicing orthopaedic surgery and specializing in arthroscopic reconstruction. John Houston practices pediatric urology in Chicago at the Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Medical School. Robert Iannone practices pediatric hematologyoncology in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania. Michael Kaiser is an attending neurosurgeon at Columbia Presbyterian in New York. His wife, Michelle, is an attending at Columbia in internal medicine. Children Nicole, Cindy and Christopher were present. William King made the trip from Philadelphia. He is currently practicing general pediatrics at Temple University Children’s Medical Center. Stephen Marshalko, wife Lisa and son Stephen were present. Stephen completes his fellowship in interventional cardiology at Yale this June. York P. Moy practices urology in Waterbury, Conn. He and wife Veronica and son Nicholas were present. Stephen Solomon made the trip from Baltimore. He is an attending radiologist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital & Health System. Thanks go to Dave Tendler who rallied many of you to attend. Dave made the trip from Durham, N.C., where he is an attending gastroenterologist/hepatologist at Duke University Medical Center.

The reunion was certainly a joyous celebration and ended after dinner with hugs, handshakes and good wishes. We hope all 1993 grads will plan to be in New Haven in 2008 to celebrate our 15th reunion.
—John T.B. Houston

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