1983 - 25th Reunion

“Spectacular” describes our reunion. As we gathered on Harkness lawn, at the 333 Cedar St. rotunda, and in the Historical Library, it seemed as though just yesterday we were students.

Attendees included: Mark Boytim and Anne Boytim, Nancy Crocker, Dianne Edgar, Gerri Goodman, Linda Grais and John Freund, Tammy Harris, Rob Homer, Ana Lamas, Judy Melin, Elizabeth Nolan, David Norton, Dan Oren and Jeanette Kuvin Oren, Alan Reznik and Elizabeth Reznik, David Schwartz, Susan Seward and David Seward, Steven Sockinand Susan Sockin, Michael Silverberg, Michael Tom.

Among us are expert clinicians, educators, chiefs, chairs, partners, directors, trustees, researchers and administrators throughout the country. We discussed our residencies, fellowship training, current or prior practice experiences in allergy (Ana, Steve), ENT (Mike T.), ER Med (Elizabeth), ophthalmology (Gerri), orthopaedics (Alan, Mark), primary care specialties (Tammy-FP; JudySue-IM; Dave N.Nancy-pedi). We talked of teaching, research and practice at Yale and in New Haven (Alan, Dan, Rob). We talked of clinical leadership roles in anesthesia (Dave S., Mike S.), of management/VC work in life sciences (Linda), in pharmaceutical research (Dan), of health care administration and policy work (Dave N., Judy, Nancy et al.). Most talked of educating medical students and residents (Ana, Dan, Dave S., Gerri, Judy, Rob, Sue et al.).

Our dinner on a sunny summer day at Sage’s, formerly Chart House, was the ideal setting for our class photo on the ocean deck. We reviewed Alan’s copy of our Class Yearbook, Judy’s copy of our first-year Facesheet, and were proud to learn that it’s our class that revived the Yearbook tradition at the School of Medicine.

Other classmates heard from recently include Alan Bloom (ophthalmology), April Hang-Miller (rheumatology), David Helfgott (ID), and Eric Winer (oncology). Tina Young Pouissant and Valerie Stone led the establishment of the memorial fund honoring Yvedt Matory, M.D. ’81. We thank Michael Tom, for his leadership role in the Yale Tomorrow School of Medicine alumni fund campaign, our reunion gift volunteers David Schwartz and Eric Winer, and reunion co-chair David Helfgott. We also extend our thanks to Joan Peck of the Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine for organizing our reunion, and to Mary Meehan, director of alumni affairs, and Claire Bessinger of Yale Medicine.

For classmates not here for the reunion, know we talked of your research advances, publications, teaching, leadership, and outstanding care you provide. When we next convene, we’ll again prove accurate the refrain from our fourth-year show theme song, that we’re “one singular sensation, Yale Med Class of ’83.” We’ll be holding a place for each classmate at our next reunion. Do join us.

Judy Melin

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