1983 - 20th reunion

To describe the many contributions of our classmates to the fields of clinical practice, academic medicine, teaching of medical students and residents, basic research, clinical research, government service, public health, international health, genomic and pharmaceutical enterprises, state societies and national association leaderships would take far more space than we are allotted. In fact, asking any classmate “what are you doing?” results in an answer that would more than fill our column in Yale Medicine. Included here are thus just snippets of news about classmates. Once again we show that our class really is, as we sang in our second-year show theme song, “one singular sensation, Yale Med Class of ’83 ...”

Our 20th reunion included opportunities to learn what is new at Yale both academically and architecturally in the medical area. A highlight of the reunion was the visit by then-Dean David Kessler at our class reunion dinner at Sage’s Grill (best known to us by its former name, Chart House, home of “mud pies” and ocean views).

Attendees at our reunion included: Brent Neuschwander-Tetri, gastroenterology/hepatology, St. Louis University; Elena Citkowitz, cardiac rehabilitation, St. Raphael’s, New Haven, and teaching internal medicine, Yale; Lois Morton, psychiatry, Connecticut; Alan Reznik, orthopaedics, Connecticut, with Liz; Dwight Stapleton, cardiology, Guthrie Clinic, Pennsylvania, with Susan and their two kids; Michael Tom, otolaryngology, New York, with Linda; David Norton, pediatrics, Mary Lane Hospital, Ware, Mass., and teaching and international health work; Leslie Greengard, mathematics and computer science, NYU, and founder, software company, Connecticut; Steve Socket, immunobiology/allergy, New York.

Other classmates heard from or about recently include: Peter Blier, pediatrics, Riverbend Medical, Massachusetts; Alan Bloom, ophthalmology, Rochester, N.Y.; Linda Grais, founder, structural biology company, California; Jim Grober, rheumatology, Northwestern, Illinois; Tammy Harris, family practice, Southboro, Mass.; David Helfgott, internal medicine/ infectious disease, NYC; Don Johns, neurology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts; Judy Melin, internal medicine and administration, Lahey Clinic, Massachusetts; Dan Oren, psychiatry, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and teaching psychiatry, Yale; Susan Seward, internal medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Dan Sosin, CDC, Atlanta; Valerie Stone, internal medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital; Eric Winer, medical oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts; Tina Young Poussaint, radiology, Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts.

We owe special thanks to David Helfgott for doing the initial coordination work to get us ready for our reunion. Many thanks to David Schwartz for leading the philanthropy efforts for our class. Particular thanks to David Norton, Elena Citkowitz, Leslie Greengard and the alumni association staff who provided information about our reunion events. We are, as always, indebted to Patty DiNatale, Sharon McManus and Diane Morrissey of the Yale Medical School Alumni Affairs Office for their terrific coordination and planning efforts, and to Claire Bessinger of Yale Medicine for assuring our events are recorded. Let’s all get together in 2008 to hear about each other’s accomplishments. See you (all) at the 25th!

—Judy Melin