1978 - 30th Reunion

The Class of 1978 reconvened in New Haven this June for their 30th reunion. Sightings included Rich Baron, Duke and Claudia Cameron, Howard Chase and Claudia McNamara, Stuart and Amy Forman, Bob Gelfand and Susan Boulware, Ken Lee and Ruth Daniel, Yvette Piovanetti and Jose Martinez, Barb and Jordan Pober, Seth Powsner and Elizabeth Yen, Mike Rogawski, Bern Shen, Tom Smith and Joann Bodurtha, Marcia Wade and David Officer, John Wagner and Julie Budd, Jonathan Weinberg, and Susan Wong. Dean Alpern joined our class for dinner at the Graduate Club, either because of our illustrious record of charitable giving to Yale or our legacy of mischief … you decide. It was a heart warming and spirited evening. Those not in attendance were missed but also well represented in embarrassing vignettes. Remember this when you consider your plans to attend the 35th! Seth and I will get to work on a class survey to provide a little more detail on everyone’s lives. Have a great summer.

Duke Cameron and Seth Powsner

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Seth Powsner

Professor of Psychiatry and of Emergency Medicine

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