1978 - 25th Reunion Report

Twenty-five members of the Class of 1978 gathered in New Haven in early June for their 25th reunion and enjoyed a warm, relaxing evening at the Graduate Club Saturday night for dinner. This report is offered with apologies for omissions, misspellings and misidentifications, but with hope that everyone will return for the next reunion to set the record straight. I’m especially sorry for crimes against spouse names. With Bacchus as my witness, and with your forgiveness, here’s who was there: Stan Tillinghast (cardiology practice in California) and wife Margaret, Sally Rudicel (alive and well in Boston), Kathy Ales (internal medicine and hospice care in Pennsylvania), Emily Fine (ob/gyn in New Haven),Suzie Hodgson (pediatrics) and husband John, Duke Cameron (cardiac surgery at Johns Hopkins), Jonathan Weinberg (psychiatry in Boston), Robert Kraft (plastic surgery on Long Island) and wife Ruth, Harry Staszewski (heme-onc in Long Island) and wife Sherrie, Stu and Amy Forman (psychiatry in Hartford), David Cawthon (neurology in Seattle), Ken Lee (hand surgery in California), Cindy Kretschmar (oncology in Boston) and husband John, Joanne Bodurtha (genetics in Virginia) and Tom Smith (oncology in Virginia), Eric Einstein (internal medicine in Norwalk) and wife Claudia, Art Gershkoff (internal medicine in Philadelphia) and wife Grace, Olag Ogland (psychiatry in Connecticut), Bob Gelfand (endocrinology and drug development near New Haven) and wife Susan Boulware, Rich Baron (internal medicine in Philadelphia), Tom Amatruda (oncology in Minnesota) and wife Lynn, Mac Hansing (directs a new internal medical school in the United Kingdom), Seth Powsner (psychiatry at Yale) and wife Elizabeth Yen, Kay Johnson-Keys (ob/gyn in South Windsor, Conn.) and her family. John Wagner was in for the reunion, but had to leave before the dinner. Linda Hall and Marcia Wade both sent regrets. Pictures of each class member will be printed on decks of cards at the next reunion and distributed to make identification easier. See you in 2008!

—Duke Cameron  and Seth Powsner

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Seth Powsner

Professor of Psychiatry and of Emergency Medicine