1943 December - 60th reunion

On one of the rare perfect days of June this year we began our 60th reunion celebration. Only Hunter Comly and Tom Bucky came. Tom, with wife Doris, and Hunter, with Rita Iannace, attended the wonderful clambake together and sat with members of the Class of ’43 March and enjoyed their humor as they spouted poetry. We enjoyed ourselves, but regretted not seeing again our old classmates; there are now only about 20, and it was a lost opportunity. They would have appreciated, as we had, that the old cooperative spirit of Yale Med toward teaching and learning has not changed, despite the enormous growth. The new buildings on the medical campus were bewildering (after 60-plus years) but beautiful and inspiring. The modern medical student is fortunate. We hope you’ll all attend the next reunion.

—Tom Bucky and Hunter Comly