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Grants and contracts awarded to Yale School of Medicine

Medicine@Yale, 2005 - June July


January/February 2005


  • Karen Anderson, NIH, A Novel Approach for Studying Transient Enzyme Intermediates, 4 years, $1,219,062
  • Susan Baserga, NIH, Assembly, Localization and Function of the U3 snRNP, 4 years, $1,433,671
  • Kevin Behar, NIH, NMR Studies of Brain Energetics and Hypoglycemia In Vivo, 4 years, $1,438,800
  • Walter Boron, Office of Naval Research, Gas Transport Through Channels, 3 years, $189,683
  • Peter Bowers, NIH, Identification of a Gene Causing Aortic Stenosis, 2 years, $449,625
  • Lawrence Brass, NIH, Stroke Hospitalization in the Elderly with Medicare FFS (SHEF) Study, 4 years, $1,244,091
  • Cecilia Canessa, NIH, Regulation of ENaC by SGK1, 5 years, $1,798,500
  • Michael Cappello, NIH, The Role of MIF in Hookworm Infection and Disease, 5 years, $2,027,875
  • James Duncan, NIH, Integrated Function/Structure Image Analysis in Autism, 5 years, $1,835,724
  • Cynthia Epperson, NIH, Neuroactive Steroids, GABA and Glutamate, in PMDD, 5 years, $614,117
  • Mark Hochstrasser, NIH, Degradation of Short-Lived Regulatory Proteins in Yeast, 4 years, $1,422,452
  • Stuart Katz, NIH, Studies on Genetics in Heart Failure, 5 years, $803,994
  • Kenneth Kidd, NIH, ADH and ALDH2 Genes in Tanzanian Population, 3 years, $102,500
  • Walther Mothes, NIH, Retroviral Egress via Multivesicular Bodies, 2 years, $489,788
  • Chirag Parikh, NIH, Renal Failure in Non-Myeloablative Stem Cell Transplant, 3.5 years, $142,830
  • Archibald Perkins, NIH, Leukemic Transformation by the AML1/ MDS1/EVI1 Protein, 5 years, $1,507,211
  • Robert Schultz, NIH, The Fusiform Gyrus and Amygdala in the Pathobiology of Autism, 5 years, $1,635,000
  • Frederick Sigworth, NIH, Fluctuations in Ionic Current through Membrane Channels, 4 years, $2,424,419
  • Elisabetta Ullu, NIH, RNA Metabolism in Trypanosomes, 5 years, $3,559,787
  • Anthony Van den Pol, NIH, Response Properties of Hypothalamic MCH Neurons, 5 years, $1,701,420
  • Shu-Ming Wang, NIH, Acupuncture and Low Back Pain During Pregnancy, 3 years, $654,000


  • Thomas Biederer, March of Dimes, Analysis of a Molecular Link Between Synapse Formation and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, 1 year, $150,000
  • Daniel Biemesderfer, American Society of Nephrology, Megalin Function in Normal and Diseased Kidney, 1 year, $100,000
  • Jonathan Bogan, American Diabetes Association, Regulation of Glucose Transporter Trafficking, 1 year, $100,000
  • Mary Bogucki, Sekos Inc., SCBA Oximetry for Fire-Fighter Physiological Monitoring—Phase II, 1 year, 8 months, $231,909
  • Yiqiang Cai, The PKD Foundation, Study of Polycystin-1 Ciliary Localization/Trafficking and the Underlying Molecular Determinants, 1 year, $65,000
  • Michael Caplan, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Effects of Curcumin Treatment on the Function of Gamma F508 CFTR, 1 year, $108,000
  • Thomas Carpenter, The Gerber Foundation, Biomarkers of Dietary Calcium Insufficiency in Inner-City Infants, 3 years, $844,432
  • Joseph Craft, The Arthritis Foundation, CNS Lupus: Mechanistic Dissection, 2 years, $200,000
  • Richard Edelson, American Cancer Society, American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant, 3 years, $420,000
  • Ramsay Fuleihan, Bayer Healthcare, Molecular Pathogenesis of Antibody Deficiency Syndrome, 1 year, $74,760
  • Satish Ghatpande, American Heart Association, Elucidation of Retinoid Signaling Pathway for Cardiac Morphogenesis, 4 years, $65,000
  • Thomas Gill, University of Florida, Exercise to Prevent Disability—Pilot Study, 7 months, $29,853
  • Walter Gilliam, The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund, Preschool in Connecticut: Linking Community Data to a National Pre-K Context, 1 year, $38,220
  • Robert Kerns, The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, CBT for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy, 3 years, $223,795
  • Dori Laub, The International Psychoanalytical Association, Video Testimony Study of Chronically Hospitalized Holocaust Survivors in Israel, 1 year, $8,000
  • Chun Geun Lee, American Thoracic Society, Genetic Factors Controlling TGF-beta 1 in the Pathogenesis of COPD, 2 years, $50,000
  • Graeme Mason, Pfizer, Development of Non-Occipital, Multi-Volume GABA MRS at 4 Tesla—An Investigator-Initiated Proposal, 2 years, $472,095
  • Daniel Mathalon, Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation, Automatic Processing of Alcohol Cues in Chronic Alcoholism: ERP and fMRI Data, 2 years, $100,000
  • Sherry McKee, Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation, Effect of Alcohol on Reactivity to Tobacco in Experimental Smokers, 2 years, $100,000
  • Linda Niccolai, The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation, Risk in Partnerships for Repeat Sexually Transmitted Infection, 3 years, $240,000
  • Timothy Quan, Scleroderma Foundation, The Role of Fibrocytes in Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy, 3 years, $100,000
  • Joseph Schlessinger, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Intracellular Signaling Pathway for Cell Signaling in Cancer and Other Diseases, 1 year, $375,000
  • Nenad Sestan,Whitehall Foundation, Molecular Control of Pyramidal Cell Identity and Connectivity, 3 years, $225,000
  • Hosanna Soler, American Cancer Society, Psychosocial Factors, Race and Cancer Survival, 5 years, $129,400
  • Julie Ann Sosa, Association for Academic Surgery, Effects of Parathyroidectomy on Neurocognitive Function in Primary Hyperparathyroidism, 1 year, $35,000
  • Stephen Strittmatter, Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, Axonal Regeneration Pharmaceuticals for Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury, 3 years, $805,477
  • Mary Tinetti, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Yale University Center of Excellence in Aging, 3 years, $300,000
  • Li Wen, The Seaver Institute, Dendritic Cell Therapy for Autoimmune Disease, 1 year, $120,000
  • James Yue, Abbott Spine, ISD in a Caprine Model, 1 year, $240,242
  • Hongyu Zhao, Bioinformatics Support for the Analysis of Panomic Data in Order to Identify Potential Biomarkers and Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Vascular Injury, 1 year, $270,000