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Garino is appointed director of the Physician Associate Program

Medicine@Yale, 2018 - Feb Mar


Alexandria (Xandi) Garino, Ph.D., PA-C, assistant professor of medicine, has been appointed director of the Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate (PA) Program, after serving as interim director since July 2016. Garino joined the PA Program faculty in 2006, and has worked clinically for 10 years as a physician assistant at Yale Cancer Center.

Garino, who places a high value on the program’s research focus, received her Ph.D. in learning science in January 2018 from Fordham University’s Contemporary Learning and Interdisciplinary Research program. Her doctoral work explored the non-cognitive factors that explain how students in the health professions react to, interpret, and use feedback.

She graduated from Catholic Medical Center’s PA program in 1999, and earned her M.S. in biostatistics and clinical research design from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health in 2004.