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Youth on the Autism Spectrum: Jobs, College, and Beyond

September 12, 2019

Join us at Southern CT State University for a conference on

Youth on the Autism Spectrum:
Jobs, College, and Beyond

October 27, 2019
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Southern CT State University
Adanti Center Ballroom
345 Fitch St., New Haven, CT 06515


Speakers include:
Jane Brown
Peter Gerhardt
Gary Mayerson
John Miller
Fred Volkmar
Ernst Vanbergeijk
Michael Storz
Barbara Cook
Kimberly Bean
and others

The conference is co-sponsored by the Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorder at Southern and Yale's NIH Autism Center of Excellence.

The morning will include a series of presentations on vocational options and college programs. After lunch a series of workshops will focus on transition to jobs/vocational schools for students and supporters, one for students interested in college programs, another for parents interested in college. Information on transition planning and programs as well as a final session on transition issues for the entire group. The focus will be on practical and helpful information and ways to access resources and supports and strategies for success.

As part of ReelAbilities Film Festival, two film shorts on ASD (Bumblees & Autism in Love) will also be played during lunch.

Submitted by Deanna Macris on September 12, 2019